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Saturday, February 11, 2012

windows of opportunity

old windows
hey friends
there's been an obvious absence from my blog. 
blogging has taken a back seat.
life has been incredibly busy, bordering on chaotic, but also very blessed. 
the theme of "old windows" on funky junk interiors saturday nite special
was just the kick in the pants catalyst i needed
i happen to LOVE old windows,
in fact so much so that i have a stash of them in all shapes and sizes.

 so without further's what i have done with some of those windows.
the porch pic above is a window original to our home, i believe from the chicken coop
the glass is long gone but the shabby, rustic vibe is just loverly.
see what's behind window # 2 here
in it's former life it was hiding in the cellar 
a sneak peak interior view
added some architectural element in a corner
love that tall narrow window
another cellar window used as an entryway photo frame
these are professional prints from new england that have been
in my stash for years...and they now have a happy home
the chicken coop window has come in from the cold
and is now hanging around in the livingroom

and now the opportunity...
another reason for my busyness.

i was contacted by a local interior designer who found me
we chatted a bit before the holidays via email and finally
met face to face a few weeks ago
that first meeting lasted six hours
yes, six hours!
we had so many common interests
and she wanted to share with me her vision for
designing a house that will be in the parade of homes this fall.
to ask if i'd be willing to help with the design aspects of the home

so my dear readers, that is 
my window of opportunity
i am so excited to work with taylor and assist her in choosing
the decor for this house.  i didn't realize how much detail and design
work goes into one of these homes, but no matter, it's going to be
an opportunity of a lifetime and i'm ready for the challenge.

until next time...
"interior designer in training"

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  1. that is so exciting, judi! can't wait to see it progress!

  2. I love old windows too. I have them everywhere. Congrats on the new opportunity. You will be wonderful. Blessings!

  3. What a wonderful opportunity for you!! I hope you are able to take lots of photos to share. Love all your windows!

  4. Judi! Such exciting news...that sounds like a LOT of fun! I love how all your old windows look...we have a project coming up in our porch where we may use several of the windows I have in storage! Thanks for your sweet comment about our entryway! Looking forward to hearing more about your new venture!

  5. Your old windows are charming. I especially like the tall skinny one.
    I'm a new follower, Mary Alice

  6. How exciting!!!!! Good for you. Thanks for visiting me, I'm your newest follower :)

  7. Love what you've done with the windows. I have two in my garage just waiting to be loved and I just may steal :) your vision.


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