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Sunday, January 2, 2011

deck the walls with sheets of music

yes, i too have jumped on the sheet music bandwagon.  please forgive me for burdening you with a few more wreaths.  having come across a mother-load of vintage music books from mr. 1829's grandma, i had to do something with them.  they really do make great gifts for the musically inclined and an awesome neutral wall decor.

while i was laid up recently with a lower back issue, i rolled sheets of vintage music and glued away.  when i had about 50 or so, i started glueing them to piece of cardboard.  the round cardboard inserts from frozen pizza's are perfect & lightweight, or so i found on the second wreath.  and if you want a small wreath, use smaller music books or cut the pages in first attempt was much larger than i had planned but i love it anyway.

the second attempt was for a gift and i used smaller sheets of music and two rows of cones.  i found that simple white glue worked best for holding the cones together as well as attaching to cardboard and each other.  the back of the cardboard ring was covered with burlap to give it a finished look along with a miniature piece of sheet music and a personalized message for our friends.
the words are fitting for the friendship we share
i won't bore you anymore with wordy descriptions...i will let the pictures do the talking.
love the notes penciled on the pages
2nd attempt with opening in center

back view


  1. great job on the wreath ;) it can be hung all year round and not just for Christmas!

    your girl-

  2. Hi Judi...your wreaths are beautiful. What a special gift for your friends. Love how you finished the back too...
    Many blessing in 2011! Laurel

  3. Ha! I JUST posted my sheet music wreath yesterday. It's so fun to work with the music. Some of mine had little gold stars on them from piano lessons gone by. Pretty cute. Love your wreath and the special touch on the back!

  4. Hi Judi...

    I love your wreath. I have one that I made several months ago and still love it!

  5. your wreath is beautiful! i made one for my sister in law this christmas. aren't they the best!

  6. Turned out lovely, Judi...they look like they would be fun to work on!

  7. Love the wreath! You did a great job!

  8. I love that wreath. It came out absolutely amazing! Great Job! :)

  9. There is a uniqueness about sheet music and this wreath is lovely!


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