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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Lamp Revamp

I've been really excited about revamping, repurposing, and renewing since I found and the Shanty2Chic blog.  I had this great lamp in my living room, a gift from my sister many years ago when I was into "theme" decorating.  We purchased new furniture a few years ago and it just wasn't working for me.  So, it went off to the craft studio for extra lighting.  Then last July we had a multi-family yard sale and tried to sell it for $10.  I even tried Craiglist but not ONE person wanted this poor lamp.

After surfing through blogland, gleaning ideas, I had a lightbulb moment. (I think it may have been when I was painting and spraying everything black).  The lamp had great lines being a jug style and several blogs including Design-a-holic were referring to lamps such as this from Pottery Barn (no longer available):
and this French Canister Lamp from Shades of Light

another from Park Designs

and these Park Design milk can lamps from Country Porch

And what's a lamp without the perfect shade?  I love the following except for one small detail....
This 18" shade is from Anthropologie and a mere $148...yes that's JUST for the shade!   I do love the graphics of this "All Around The World" lamp shade and surely a creative mind could replicate this style quite simply. 

but I digress... 

Here is what my "apple" lamp has now become...

The lamp shade was found in the clearance area at HomeGoods for a mere $5!  It is fully lined and the style is so perfect.  The lamp is not quite finished as I'd like to add a stenciled number to the body...just not sure which number to choose.  It will come to me in time....perhaps "28" would be fitting since my dh and I will  be celebrating our 28th anniversary this year!?

*I do need to get a taller harp but was too impatient to wait until I bought it before posting.

I leave you with this simple vignette of black and a few of my favorite things.

* edited 11/10/10
I used Krylon black satin spray paint


  1. Looking good so far! Pick a number that's secretly near and dear to your heart. Then every time you turn your lamp on, it will remind you of that special thing.

    I like your shade inspiration too, and I've seen tons of great blogland inspiration out there lately for lampshades. I see black and I instantly think "sheet music".

  2. Ooo! Well done. That's an awesome transformation!

  3. Judi,
    You did such a fantastic job! It looks perfect. The stencil numbers will be a great addition. So glad you joined my blog. It is a bunch of dribble but my dribble!
    smiles, alice

  4. wow! great job. I love your "new" lamp! :)
    ewwww sorry to hear about the impending snow! :(
    we had 2 days of sunshine and I was giddy! But, alas, it is gone.
    I have 2 more pieces to add to my media center. I will be posting it tomorrow.
    thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!

  5. Thanks for your kind comment :)

    You should put the year you were married on it - I LOVE how it turned out!! Very, very cute!! Do you have a Ross near you? After searching our Goodwill for lampshades for WEEKS I finally looked at Ross and for $7 I got exactly what I wanted - I couldn't believe they were so inexpensive at Ross (and they had matching ones!! Goodwill never does!)

    Another cute design I have seen is modge podging the lamp base with ripped up paper - I want to do this using an old book and putting favorite portions of it on the top and visible.

    It just might not get done for awhile ;)

  6. Hi Judi- I love what you did with that lamp- gives it a very high end look and the stenciling idea is great, too. I would never have thought of doing this! Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower! I have enjoyed reading yours and look forward to reading more in the future!

  7. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I actually needed to read that post again myself. Today has been a rough day.

  8. Great job. I'm anxious to see it with the gold numbers. I think that would be the finishing touch.

    Thanks also for becoming a Follower.

    - The Tablescaper

  9. Very cute! I have a pillow that I'm making for our couch and it's going to sport a "No. 19" on it in fancy lettering. I chose 19 because that was the day we got married. Maybe your wedding date can be the number you put on your lamp! Or hey, stick to your blog theme and go with 1829! ;)

  10. Your lamp turned out fabulous! Great inspiration!

  11. What a fantastic transformation, Judi! It is really looking good so far. Can't wait to see the final product once you choose your number!

  12. I stopped by from WhisperWood Cottage. Great transformation. Love your blog, glad I found it.

  13. Found you this morning on "new friend friday" glad I did! I LOVE this lamp post! It looks great...I've got a lamp makeover going on now and I needed some inspiration..thanks! Feel free to visit if you'd like--have a great friday! (oh, I'm a new follower:)

  14. What a wonderful example of the power of paint! This looks brand new! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  15. What kind of spray paint did you use? You probably have it stenciled by now but I'd go with the 1829 theme too!

  16. Love the lamp re-do and the shade is perfect! I probably would have passed by a lamp like that, but those inspiration photos are killer...I'll have to look with a keener eye in the future. Oh, and Mr. Wonderful and I celebrated 28 years last December. Time sure flies! Thanks for stopping by the bungalow!


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