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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All Dressered in Black

Before this thrift store find was a sad sight but solid. I could have refinished the poor thing but opted for the "cottage" look of painted wood.  The knobs came with this thrift store find, however, the previous owner left the extra hole (for a handle) exposed.  A bit of wood filler, some light sanding for adhesion, black satin paint, some distressing and it's now "looking fine".  I love it's new junk-over!  This dresser would work well in the diningroom for table linens; entry or mudroom for hat, scarves & mitten storage; craft room for fabric, etc. or wherever organization is needed.
Before: tired and sad

Here she is in all her splendor - love how this came out, I surprised myself!

A closeup
Products used:
Zar Wood Patch in Neutral
Pittsburg Pure Performance Eggshell Paint in Black Satin (2 coats)
3M Block Sander w/80 grit paper

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  1. You've done a beautiful job on this dresser. I'm such a chicken when it comes to refurbishing furniture. Probably the "fear of failure". You've done good, girl!

  2. Thank you Gretchen ;) We each have our gifts of talent and yours is with jewelry!

  3. we're on the same wavelengths...I just today finished a bench I painted black. I have to post the reveal but you can see the process on todays post.:)

  4. That looks awesome! It's very inspiring!!

  5. That dresser was tired, but what a wonderful find. I love it in the black.

  6. judi... you did a good thing! A sad dresser made a girl happy! yay
    I love the way this turned out. way to go

  7. Looks great! I little paint always makes such a big difference.

  8. That looks great! I would have passed that dresser up because of the hole but you made it work. wow.


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