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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Freebies of the Day!

Today, I answered a Freecycle ad for an old mantel clock and bottles.  When I mentioned in conversation that I love anything old, this wonderful lady started pulling out more items for me for FREE!  She was happy to move the items out of her garage to a home that appreciated them.

Now, what to do with them.....hmm the mind is spinning with ideas!

The suitcase belonged to her aunt who was very much a woman of her day. 
It has her initials on it, the middle one being her maiden name.  
The aunt would have been in her 90's if she was still living.

Pretty plates and the
Lena Ross Spera suitcase 
An old mantel clock and books:
(Hi Ho Pinocchio, PT Barnum King of the Circus & A World Explorer John Smith)

Beautiful ceramic handpainted lamp
Oranjay,  Ma's root beer bottles and cider jugs 

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kitchen In Progress

 We are in the midst of finishing our kitchen remodel, so my blog has been neglected the last few days.  As you can see below, my kitchen was stuck somewhere in the 1940's with pink speckled laminate counters and backsplash.  Last fall (mid October '08), I started removing the paint from the cabinetry and woodwork and uncovered some beautiful patina-ed pine.  We had many changes made before Christmas '08 (cupboards reconfigured with new doors, new sink, faucet, countertop, & bead-board installed), then put the kitchen on hold due to the holidays, kids coming home from college and life in general.  We got back on track in July when we finally pulled up the old linoleum to uncover 5 inch wide pine flooring in nice shape but dark and dingy. It has been a long process, but will be worth all the effort and $ we saved by doing most of the work ourselves.  The reveal should be the week after Thanksgiving, so stay tuned!



This has been my best friend during this renovation.
It's a bit on the pricey side, but it has no odor or nasty chemicals and works very well.
Most paint stores carry this or check out their website to find a store near you.

Back to Nature Multi Strip



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