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Friday, April 30, 2010

She Has a Name!

Yes, my new mannequin now has a name!
The previous owner emailed me the following:

"Judi,  I found out her name was Lucy.  However they said as a nickname it is really a Polish version of Laura.  Sorry that is all I could come up with."

I love it!  

I did a bit of researching and couldn't find that Laura was translated to Lucy, however, I did find that Lucy in Polish is either Lucyna or Lucja.

So....I have chosen Lucyna G 

G stands for Gra┼╝yna, which means beautiful and Giertruda*, which holds some childhood sentiment...AND because I don't want to choose between the two!

(A special thank you to Michele and Mindy for their input.)

And thanks to all of you for your suggestions/comments plus taking the time to do so!   It warms my heart to know that you care about little ole me and my new treasure...only bloggers can understand that!

oh and to see the original post go here.

*this means strong spear...kinda fits, dontcha think?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Isn't She Loverly?

We took a whirlwind road trip to Waterbury, CT two weekends ago (4/17).  A mere 4 hour drive (one way) to retrieve an item from Craiglist, but well worth the time and effort.  A stop at Whole Foods for lunch and shopping along with another stop at Ikea was included in this day trip. 

So are you curious?  What could possibly be so grand that one would devote an entire day of traveling to retrieve?   Well, it was something that I had been searching and researching for some time, well over 9 months, since first seeing a similar item.  I asked questions of bloggers who had possession of this, searched Ebay for pricing and then Craiglist.  I continually expanded my search in areas outside of my hometown until I "found" this item. Inquiring about its availability was my next step and when she it was, a trip was in the making!  Ok, so I gave you a bit of a hint but have you guessed yet?  Is the suspense killing you?  Well here's a little peak...
Did you guess what it is????   Look at that patina and metal love going on there!
Ok, ok,  I won't keep it from you any longer.
This is my most recent "find" off of Craiglist. 
Isn't she bee-A-u-tee-ful!
The condition is so remarkable for its age.  A date of Dec 1, 1908 is located near the base set screw. Can you see it?
I was told by the seller that the original owner was a 90 year old Polish woman who sewed her own clothes...ALL of them.  Her name was Gorniak and I am awaiting her first name, if the seller can remember or locate it.  It has been suggested by my blogging, mannequin-owning friends that she needs a beautiful name, any suggestions???  I was hoping to name her after the original owner, of course, depending upon what that may be.

Here are more loverly pics of my beautiful, old girl...hmmm she's about 102 years old!  She certainly looks great for her age, dontcha think?!  I hope I look that good when I get that old...haha
Take a look at that cage and those legs!
And notice the detail & craftsmanship of that vintage cast iron leg & caster, they just don't make things like they use to!

A SPECIAL thank you to Laura over at 52 Flea for some guidance, she was a dear blog friend to offer advice when i was trying to decide between two mannequins.  I am indebted to your kindness!

I have another post in the making regarding a first for me in the auction world that Mr. Farmhouse and I attended several weeks back.  All I can say is "I did real good!"

Until then, thanks for being patient with me...I am not a regular die-hard blogger, suffice it to say there are priorities that must be attended to on the home-front.  If you haven't seen Amy's post over at WhisperWood Cottage , you must take a look...some food for thought.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I saw this quote at a coffee house this speaks volumes.  How many times do I grumble and complain because I am in the midst of an inconvenience,  uncomfortable situation or trial?  I need to know that no matter what, God has my back.  He is in control and I need to learn to be joyful through the storms of life.  
(I think I am in need of an attitude adjustment.)
Consider it all joy... when you encounter various trials.
James 1:2

Friday, April 9, 2010

Give-Away at Home & Harmony

If you haven't found Rie's blog, Home & Harmony, you must check it out!  She is a sweet wife & mom of 6 (plus a cute puppy) who has a passion for home decorating.  I just love her style and the renovations they've made to their home are inspiring, to say the least.
Rie is having her first give-away, so run over there and check it out!

Here's a peek at what she has to offer....
i'm in, how about you????

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Celebration: Tablescape Thursday

This is my first time participating in BNOTP's Tablescape Thursday.  Since it's an Easter celebration and I just happened to take pics of our table this past Sunday, I decided to join in the fun. 
I used a vintage white square tablecloth layered with another square cloth in a springy plaid.  A vintage white cotton runner with crochet edging finishes the look.  Dishes are Garden Delight by PTS International Interiors.
(oops...I realized that I didn't take pics of the table with flowers in the mini vases).
Here's one of the vases filled, however I used yellow daisies for Sunday's dinner.
The centerpiece was a grouping of various items that I had around the house and a few wooden eggs that i painted a springy robin's egg blue.  The cloth eggs I had tucked away in with my Easter decor and updated them a bit with some tea dyed staining to make them look old.
I love texture so i've mixed it up a bit with the centerpiece.  The wire basket with vintage croquet ball, fabric & wood eggs, the woven orb alongside the ceramic lettered orb are a few yummy additions.

Here's a mini tute for the salt shaker vases that i embellished with string & paper:
 Items needed:
  • various salt shakers w/tops removed
  • string
  • double-sided tape (a small piece on backside to adhere to glass shaker)
  • cardstock run through printer on business card setting-punch holes on each side                (don't cut out the tags but rip them for an imperfect look)
Add water & flowers and your good to go...i did manage to remember to take a pic after dinner of the vase by itself

And I saw this idea on another blog that I thought was a cute way to add to my table display.  For more information hop on over to Under The Table and Dreaming for a free download & directions. 
It really helped me keep on track with dinner so i didn't forget anything!

Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter weekend with your family and friends.


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