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Saturday, October 16, 2010

over one hundred followers!

roses are red, violets are blue
my blog would be no where
if it weren't for all of you!


over 100 buds !
(that would be all of you awesome followers)

it seemed like only yesterday that i had 6 or 7

thanks to ALL of you for thinking that my little spot in bloggyland is worth following. 

i am very humbled and appreciative.   
please know that you have each touched my life in some way...
from leaving thoughtful comments, great advice and to just being true to yourself

and now for a bit of fun...
in celebration of reaching this milestone in blogland

i'd like you to tell me what is the number one reason why you love to blog or follow?

and to get you started...

this is my #1 reason

(both blogging about and following other amazing blogs)

~ ~ ~
post note:

life has been very, VERY busy
projects, new additions, and family life
thus the reason for my absence in blogland

i have LOTS of news to share...
some sad and frustrating
but mostly...
fun and happy stuff going on...
stay tuned!


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