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Sunday, October 7, 2012

parade of homes 2012 tour

as promised...
the pigliavento parade home
exterior and entry
enjoy the tour
be on the look out for the repurposed items
front porch
(sorry about the bag in the pic)
bubbling rock fountain
front door entry
headboard bench with pallet wood seat
sunsetter awning
stamped concrete patio
stay tuned for the interior decor

Friday, September 7, 2012

parade of homes 2012

hey everyone,
i have been major mia since march
with this new opportunity
but the hard work:
blood, sweat and even some tears
(i've felt like catherine at freddy & petunia)
has come to the finale week.
the parade of homes debuts tomorrow
september 8th thru the 23rd.
if you are in or around the syracuse, ny area
and would like to peruse
some unique decorating and beautiful homes.
please come visit this event
and us at the
(second on the right after the entrance)
there's a $1 dollar off coupon
on the hba website.
(scroll halfway down to find link)
i hope to be back in the saddle again
with many pictures of
our decorating, building and creative endeavors.
so stay tuned!
hope to see you at the parade of homes,

Saturday, March 31, 2012

monkey business

ok, so i am probably the LAST blogger evah to set up a pinterest account

but since doing so, i am hooked. line. and sinker.
this is the best thing since sliced bread
47 boards and counting...

the next best thing was finding PicMonkey
i was stressing a bit with what to replace with picnik 
once that closed down for good.
my new friend karianne from thistlewood farm
(you MUST go visit, she's a hoot)
posted recently about PicMonkey
as did miss gracie
it is the BEST.

look at some of the things you can do...

1. soften

 2. dusk

 3. hdr

 4. sepia

 5. black & white with soften

 6. gritty
(looks like a pencil favorite)
there are over 30 other special effects
the possibilities with your photos are endless
really. you must go try it out.

it's fun


it's FREE 
(no registration required)

now go on.
what are you waiting for?

go engage in some monkey business
really, i promise,
you won't get in trouble for it
do you have a favorite photo editor?
which special effect is your favorite?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

coffee table transformation

hey friends, i'm back with another project post. 
sorry i've been mia, life has been full. 
a funeral, a wedding, parade of home projects,
thrift store / antique shopping, and tax prep have kept me busy

this project was pulled from my archive of pictures that i've taken and not posted.
so although it's new to you, my new coffee table is really about 6 months old.
as i've said before, this is the way i roll.  better late than never?!
prior to the upstate home debut in october 2011,
 i was busy with a loooong to do list.
the dated hunter green coffee table was one of those "to do's"
so i lugged the brute out to the front porch
aka my work area
please ignore the peeling house paint,
we're working on a new color scheme
the three legged table
my sidekick "dewalt" was very helpful
bubye shiny finish, hello beautiful!
legs & top sanded down and waiting for a new look
i used the same pittsburg paint, black satin, that i used on 
the chair bench from long ago for the legs and table skirting.

with a few coats of black, some distressing, hand applied wax, 
and a stencil featuring the birth year of our home,
here's the coffee table's new "au natural" look.  isn't she a beute?
love those legs with vintage casters added
she sits atop my floor sample bargain rug from pottery barn
much better don't you think?

have a great week,
linking up to the following:

Beyond The Picket Fence

you are talking too much 

Homespun Happenings

Saturday, February 11, 2012

windows of opportunity

old windows
hey friends
there's been an obvious absence from my blog. 
blogging has taken a back seat.
life has been incredibly busy, bordering on chaotic, but also very blessed. 
the theme of "old windows" on funky junk interiors saturday nite special
was just the kick in the pants catalyst i needed
i happen to LOVE old windows,
in fact so much so that i have a stash of them in all shapes and sizes.

 so without further's what i have done with some of those windows.
the porch pic above is a window original to our home, i believe from the chicken coop
the glass is long gone but the shabby, rustic vibe is just loverly.
see what's behind window # 2 here
in it's former life it was hiding in the cellar 
a sneak peak interior view
added some architectural element in a corner
love that tall narrow window
another cellar window used as an entryway photo frame
these are professional prints from new england that have been
in my stash for years...and they now have a happy home
the chicken coop window has come in from the cold
and is now hanging around in the livingroom

and now the opportunity...
another reason for my busyness.

i was contacted by a local interior designer who found me
we chatted a bit before the holidays via email and finally
met face to face a few weeks ago
that first meeting lasted six hours
yes, six hours!
we had so many common interests
and she wanted to share with me her vision for
designing a house that will be in the parade of homes this fall.
to ask if i'd be willing to help with the design aspects of the home

so my dear readers, that is 
my window of opportunity
i am so excited to work with taylor and assist her in choosing
the decor for this house.  i didn't realize how much detail and design
work goes into one of these homes, but no matter, it's going to be
an opportunity of a lifetime and i'm ready for the challenge.

until next time...
"interior designer in training"

linking up and joining the parties at:

Beyond The Picket Fence


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