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Friday, December 25, 2009

MeRrY ChRisTmaS!

It's hard to believe that Christmas is here...oh how time flies.  We were still in decorating mode on Christmas Eve since the kitchen was just finally getting put back together (95% done!).  There are a few things that will have to wait until after the holidays but at least the big time consuming parts are finished!  (I will be posting our project soon, really, I promise!)  This has been a new journey for me and I am loving the adventure.  I hope to do much more now that the major kitchen project is almost complete.

I am posting a few pics of our Christmas decor that we have around the house (while waiting for everyone to wake up-late night with family celebrations).  One in particular I am thrilled without further ado...

I LOVE how this turned out...hope you do too!

canning jar wire insert, canning jar with dominoes, rusty bells & candle, various found/bought items-
see more pics at (itsnotjunk2me)

vintage pepsi crate, 1950's light set, vintage postcards, rusty spring holding old photos, 
toy fire engine sprinkler, wooden shoe stretcher

livingroom mantel with glass,glitter and it!

pedestal candle holders ($ tree candlestick, vase & gorilla epoxy) with bells, beach glass & candles
here's my inspiration...

more glass, glitter and lights!
glass block was a gift from my m-i-l several Christmases ago 

I would like to wish all of my friends, family and blogging buds (rosebuds that is) a VERY Merry Christmas!!!!   Have a wonderful time of gathering together with loved ones, reminiscing, and remembering the TRUE meaning of CHRISTmas. 

Sunday, December 6, 2009 still in progress

Our kitchen is taking MUCH longer than anticipated and of course the holidays are FAST approaching.  Don't we all work better under PRESSURE! (sure)  I am so sorry for the time lapse in posting.  For this reason,  I thought I'd give you a bit of a glimpse into the progress so far.  It's beginning to look a lot more like a kitchen...just like it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  We have some finishing to do on woodwork and then the distressed paint job on lower cupboards.  There may be some things that will HAVE to wait until January. (sigh)  Without further ado, here are some pics....

 Floor before:

Floor after:

Aren't the floors just gorgeous!  Charlie, our local floor re-finisher did an amazing job.

The bottom cupboards have their base coat on them, awaiting the top coat, crackle paint and some distressing.  In the upper photo, there is a piece of wood (on right) lying across the ladder which are the "feet" to the bottom cupboards so they look like furniture.  Our carpenter friend, Darrin, made that along with all the cupboard doors (soon to be installed), and trash bin pull-out (my fav).
So stay tuned for the full reveal...coming soon to this blog!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Freebies of the Day!

Today, I answered a Freecycle ad for an old mantel clock and bottles.  When I mentioned in conversation that I love anything old, this wonderful lady started pulling out more items for me for FREE!  She was happy to move the items out of her garage to a home that appreciated them.

Now, what to do with them.....hmm the mind is spinning with ideas!

The suitcase belonged to her aunt who was very much a woman of her day. 
It has her initials on it, the middle one being her maiden name.  
The aunt would have been in her 90's if she was still living.

Pretty plates and the
Lena Ross Spera suitcase 
An old mantel clock and books:
(Hi Ho Pinocchio, PT Barnum King of the Circus & A World Explorer John Smith)

Beautiful ceramic handpainted lamp
Oranjay,  Ma's root beer bottles and cider jugs 

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kitchen In Progress

 We are in the midst of finishing our kitchen remodel, so my blog has been neglected the last few days.  As you can see below, my kitchen was stuck somewhere in the 1940's with pink speckled laminate counters and backsplash.  Last fall (mid October '08), I started removing the paint from the cabinetry and woodwork and uncovered some beautiful patina-ed pine.  We had many changes made before Christmas '08 (cupboards reconfigured with new doors, new sink, faucet, countertop, & bead-board installed), then put the kitchen on hold due to the holidays, kids coming home from college and life in general.  We got back on track in July when we finally pulled up the old linoleum to uncover 5 inch wide pine flooring in nice shape but dark and dingy. It has been a long process, but will be worth all the effort and $ we saved by doing most of the work ourselves.  The reveal should be the week after Thanksgiving, so stay tuned!



This has been my best friend during this renovation.
It's a bit on the pricey side, but it has no odor or nasty chemicals and works very well.
Most paint stores carry this or check out their website to find a store near you.

Back to Nature Multi Strip


Saturday, October 31, 2009

3 Old Chairs = 1 ReNEWed Bench

This set of 3 matching chairs have been in our home for some 20 years, purchased at a garage sale for $12 (for all 3).  They've been moving room to room as extra table seating, desk, and bedroom chairs.  Most recently they were moved to our screenhouse (a corn crib in its former life) to serve as extra seating. Chair cushions had helped with maintaining their usefulness as the rush seats were starting to sag & fall apart.  When I came across the CL makeover (see link below), I knew this was what I wanted to do with them.  It was a bit tricky in parts due to having to cut the plank seat around the tops of these chair legs (with the help of my dh), but it was well worth the effort.  I love how it looks on our back porch- so inviting and a place for our cat to dine.

Closeup of chair back and seat

Here are some pics of the project in progress.

Painting is done, now to the finishing details

Plank seat consists of 2 reclaimed tongue n groove barn boards
cut to fit and glued with Gorilla Wood Glue
Tongue was left exposed on front for added detail. (see photo above)

LOVE this paint!  It's so creamy and gives such a smooth finish.

The added touch to attach plank to chairs
(1st drill a hole big enough or wood will split)

Pittsburg Pure Performance (zero VOC) Black Satin

3M sanding pad w/80 grit
Old square nails
Drill and drill bit to predrill holes for nails
2 Reclaimed barn-boards

Gorilla Wood Glue

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Decor on the Inside

Thought I would share some inside decorating.  My fireplace mantel is my favorite decorating spot.  I love to change it with the seasons.  Here it is in all it's fall splendor.  Enjoy!

Most of these items were bargains, gifts or found objects.  
My favorite stores to bargain shop for decor are TJMaxx, Marshalls, & Christmas Tree Shop.

Plate and box came from either TJM or Marshalls.  Iron stars from CTS

These old glasses were found inside an interior wall of our house- aren't they just the cat's meow!
Wood toy blocks were purchased at a local antique/junk store for about a $1 each.  
The "B" is for our last name.
Love that crusty rusty star made from barbed farm fencing.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

1950's Schooldesk

This 1950's Heywood-Wakefield schooldesk was found stored above garage when we moved in over 27 years ago.  Painted a tacky green, written on with black marker and stuck with stickers, it has been patiently waiting for a makeover.  The paint was removed but the wood was not in the best shape so I opted again for a little black satin to spruce her up.  A can of spraypaint for the metal legs and frame along with painting & distressing of the wood got the job done.  I may go back over the desktop with chalkboard paint so it could be used for a message board in an entryway or for a child's use.

Closeup of detail

Here's the only before pics that I took.  But you get the idea.   

Note the lovely shade of green-what were they thinking!?

As you can see, the seat was discolored and needing some coverage.

For paint removal I use Back to Nature Multi Strip. It's a "greener" product and will encapsulate any lead paint. We've been using it in our kitchen renovation of an 1829 farmhouse- works great! Most of the time it comes off like butter. The key is putting on a thick enough layer and waiting 24-48 hrs.  It is well worth the wait. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All Dressered in Black

Before this thrift store find was a sad sight but solid. I could have refinished the poor thing but opted for the "cottage" look of painted wood.  The knobs came with this thrift store find, however, the previous owner left the extra hole (for a handle) exposed.  A bit of wood filler, some light sanding for adhesion, black satin paint, some distressing and it's now "looking fine".  I love it's new junk-over!  This dresser would work well in the diningroom for table linens; entry or mudroom for hat, scarves & mitten storage; craft room for fabric, etc. or wherever organization is needed.
Before: tired and sad

Here she is in all her splendor - love how this came out, I surprised myself!

A closeup
Products used:
Zar Wood Patch in Neutral
Pittsburg Pure Performance Eggshell Paint in Black Satin (2 coats)
3M Block Sander w/80 grit paper

You may see additional posts at under itsnotjunk2me

Bookmark this website- it's great for sparking new decorating ideas!

Monday, October 26, 2009


Welcome to The 1829 Farmhouse!  Pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of java, or tea(my fav) and spend some time relaxing at our house.  We are in the midst of the autumn season in the NE with crisp cool air surrounding the outdoors and colorful leaves blanketing the ground. Although I miss the summer temps, I DO love the warm colors of fall.  It gives me opportunity to decorate with pumpkins and mums as you can see above.  I used an old galvanized coal bucket for the planter and our sole 3 pumpkins from our first-ever crop as companions.  I hope you enjoy this little vignette near our back porch.  This somehow makes it "warmer" in the midst of the cooler temps. 


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