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Saturday, September 10, 2011

vintage washtub love

we are in the midst of a laundry room renovation. 
 the former exterior clapboard wall has been exposed. 
the plumbing, gas line and electrical has been re-routed.
a half wall has been built to hide all the above.
the sheetrock is repaired and installed.
the floor is awaiting its debut

in the midst of all this
while surfing craigslist the other night
i found this beauty
and my heart sang  

there setting before my eyes was a
vintage laundry tub with a cover
i anxiously waited for the next morning to arrive
so that i could make a phone call

within a few hours, it was in my car and on its way home.
with a bit of retrofitting, it now has a real drain.
it will be installed next week in its rightful place.
testing the drain for leaks

this wasn't the original idea for a laundry tub
but it has evolved into something much nicer.

isn't she beautiful?!

i can't wait to show you the mudroom/laundry room
with its updated look
but like me, you'll have to wait patiently.
(i'm generally not a patient person when it comes to projects)

what treasure(s) have you found lately?
please share, as i'd love to know.

have a great weekend,

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