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Friday, August 26, 2011

bouckville, yard sales and what i've been up to...

i finally took some pictures of my bouckville treasures to share with you. 

the scalloped syracuse china plate matches a small set (sans the dancers) that i bought a few weeks ago
and isn't that record the cutest..that's what really sold me on it..only 6 in. in diameter

see those creamy bundles of crochet cotton?
laura from 52 flea and i split the box full
these were originally from f. w. woolworths
handy little trash can, about a foot tall

i love the old leather and gold embossed lettering

it was a really fun day & part of it was spent with laura from 52 flea.  we met in the butternut hill area at vicki's booth, the rose arbor. vicki is formerly from the syracuse area but now resides in virginia.  after much chatting, i realized that i had met her a few years earlier at a yard sale, right before she moved.  and vicki, if you read this, the mirror i bought from you at that yard sale now hangs happily in our renovated bathroom. (post coming)

after vicki's booth, we sat down for a bite to eat and then gina from vintage junk in my trunk came strolling by.   this was the first time we had met; we swapped stories, good places to shop and gina shared some great blogs with me.  gina and her husband come to bouckville every year and shop for a week!  that is so very cool!
after we three had a nice chat, off we went to treasure hunt until closing time.  all of my finds were under $5 with the exception of my door which you can see here, (scroll down about halfway thru laura's awesome pictures)  but that was still quite a bargain.  all in all i spent very little money and had a great time "picking" with laura.

on saturday of that week, mr. 1829 and i ran some errands and along the way passed by a yard sale.   we stopped and found some great items. 
the fishing line and extras were a box lot.
i thought the wooden spools & the norelco shaver were too good to pass up.

do you see all the barbs on that fish hook?

i thought the author's name was rather ironic
i wonder if they call him tho (toe) for short?
(ok, i know that's a stretch but i couldn't resist)

the bakelite handles of the pinking shears are a marbled blue..very unique

 we then stopped by one of my favorite antique shops called the heckled hen
jo anne, the owner, is fun to talk to and has a wealth of  information. 
i left mr. 1829 next door, while i perused her shop. 
i have been looking for syracuse china dinner plates in plain white.  they are sturdy and functional.  why in 30 years, i am just now realizing that my mom and aunt were wise in purchasing this china is beyond is all still going stong.  the stuff doesn't break or chip
(at least not easily or like some dish sets i've owned).  
so anyway, back to the dishes...yes, well jo anne had a pile of dishes (and i mean pile), so i checked them out and they were syracuse china (happy dance), then i asked her the price.  let's just say it was less than $.30 piece. (another happy dance).  really, check out that pile.  AND go check out her shop if you're in the area, she's having a huge sale now.

i also bought this...

yes, another door! 
i use to have a thing for chairs, now it's doors.  i'm hoping to actually use this in our home.  although i love the crackle of the paint, the green just has to go.  i will give it a few coats of multistrip and then repaint it.  don't you just love the window and the details?  and by the way, i paid the same amount as the dishes!

the entrance to the "studio"

after we returned home, i began the huge chore of cleaning out the messy black hole garage that has become my studio/storage unit/workroom.  for some reason, after being in bouckville last week, i got inspired to get organized.  strange, but it happened...maybe due to the fact that the mess is holding me back from being productive with repurposing and selling. 

here is what the work/storage area looked like a day ago.  i didn't take any before, before pics, i know i should have but the shock, well, it may have been too much for you.  really, it was that bad. 
 it took me three days just to get those shelving units along the one wall.  the reason being that this wall has a 6 inch ledge at the floor level.  so, that meant the shelving units had to be reconfigured to accomodate this.  
see the ledge in the corner to the right of that last unit?
two of the units had been put together last year to fit this it just meant 3 more had to be done.  i must have screwed and unscrewed these bolts at least 200 times, i kid you not! 

the aforemention bolts/nuts
   there are at least 50 bolts/nuts per unit.  the problem was that i kept screwing up (no pun intended) and the flat head screws are best done by hand.  the shelves also had stuff on them, so it was a musical chair kind of game emptying, moving, sorting, and moving again within the confines of this area.  and not to mention the bazillion spiders that i
sucked up into the vacuum being the best part of it all! 
ewww, i don't like spiders!
the reason i am persevering this week especially is that i would like to have a sale sometime in september.  a kind of a antique/flea/yard sale to clear out alot of stuff from the house and the garage and my stash.  it's time to gitter done!  i am in the mood and on the move, so watch out people (that live in my house).  if it's not been used in the last 3 years, doesn't have a prospective use, or isn't nailed's gone!

and stay tuned for more adventures in "how to clean your garage in 200 easy steps"
i will update as soon as i have taken back control of this mess garage.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

bouckville or bust!?

anyone heading to bouckville next week?
it runs from august 15-21st all along route 20

i know that laura from 52 flea is going,
we met up last year

wouldn't it be fun to have a meet and greet
with fellow bloggers?

not sure what day i'll be going yet as i have to work around mom's therapy appts...but mostly likely during the week.

drop me an email at:
the1829farmhouse at aol dot com

Monday, August 8, 2011

wedding pics 7/23/11

so that i don't keep you all waiting for wedding pics i am linking you up to the fantastically talented photographer, family friend and fellow blogger, cheri lehnow at tinkerwiththis
please give her some kudos and congrats (she's expecting!). 
cheri is a graphic artist and has a talent for photography, style and the cutest crafts.

now hurry on over to check out her beautiful photography
of dan & bethany's wedding



also, if you haven't seen the just married decor post, you'll find that here

have a great week,

*thank you for not copying or using my pics without written permission,
and please give credit where credit is due.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

chalkboards anyone?!

i decided to make a culmination of posts and one dedicated specifically to chalkboards.  they are the rage as you know and there are SO many items and surfaces that work incredibly well with chalkboard paint.  so without further ado, here are my chalkboard paint projects. 
this one was used at this wedding and again at our son's a few weekends ago
(pics coming soon!).
it now hangs in our kitchen after i stenciled MENU on it
for the last wedding.
you will find the tutorial for the next chalkboard here
this was a gift for my bff and so fun to embellish with
a little bit of this and a little bit of that.
the side of our vintage kitchen cabinet is covered in chalkboard paint
where i like to add quotes, scripture and birthday/holiday messages
like this
and this
( btw deck door is now painted black)
and last is a vintage 1950's heywood wakefield schooldesk
with a chalkboard painted writing surface.
(currently for sale and can be personalized)
thanks for stopping by!
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