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i am a Christian wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, creative junker and wanna-be* interior decorator who has always loved antiques, re purposing and found objects.  i live in an 1829 farmhouse that has been owned several times by my husband's family.  we bought it from his grandparents in 1984 and have been renovating ever since.  it is a work in progress.

my parents’ frugality rubbed off on me probably due to them living through the great depression and WW2. this way of life had most likely fueled my passion for antiques and junking.
remembering my first assemblage in high school art class, which was a shadow-type box filled with items found around my childhood home. it included nuts, bolts, washers, springs, parts of games and toys and my wooden Duncan yo-yo. i have since regretted including the yo-yo (probably worth some money now) since the assemblage and its contents were patina-ed a loud purple-like barney. it may still be in our attic awaiting some repurposing. perhaps some paint remover might help!?

my daughter is responsible for me learning about an awesome book, junk beautiful by sue whitney and ki nassauer, while perusing a local craft store. one glance and i “had” to have it. little did I know that a passion for “junk” could be a decorating trend!

the book and the junkmarketstyle website has sparked a fire within me to decorate and create with “junk”. i was so inspired that I found, bid and won a box lot of really awesome porcelain hardware/plumbing fixtures. there were two casters in this lot just like the ones in the book! hunting through my dad’s workbench found me more treasures! on mother’s day weekend 2009, my husband and i went junking through a neighborhood garage sale. we found some good bargains and some great junk.  i am hooked!

it wasn't long after becoming a member of the jms website in January 2009 that i discovered blogs.  many of the jms members had blog links on their profile pages that i eventually checked out; to my surprise they were very intriguing and fun to read.  after much thought and trepidation, i decided that i too could develop my own blog.   there's been no turning back as i have had so many delightful experiences meeting other bloggers, learning about diy projects, and sharing my own creative endeavors with others.  it has been a learning curve to say the least in the development of the 1829 farmhouse blog, however, it has challenged me to rise above and to keep learning.  if anything my mind needs the workout!

thank you for indulging me in taking the time to read about me...there's more under the attic tab if you haven't had enough!  (tongue in cheek)   and most of all, i do hope you enjoy your time spent here at the 1829 farmhouse.  grab a cup of your favorite beverage, snuggle up in a comfy chair and relax.  and be sure to check out my inspired reading, there are some very talented bloggers out there in blogland!

* until this opportunity came along


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