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Thursday, August 11, 2011

bouckville or bust!?

anyone heading to bouckville next week?
it runs from august 15-21st all along route 20

i know that laura from 52 flea is going,
we met up last year

wouldn't it be fun to have a meet and greet
with fellow bloggers?

not sure what day i'll be going yet as i have to work around mom's therapy appts...but mostly likely during the week.

drop me an email at:
the1829farmhouse at aol dot com


  1. I'm probably going...not sure yet which day. I was thinking of taking Friday off to do it. Keep me posted, k?

  2. Judi, I wish I lived closer but I hope you have a wonderful time! Thanks for your visit and kind comment on Penelope Rose. I just saw your dress form and she is wonderful and they could be sisters.

  3. The show looked wonderful...and I loved the photos of you on 52 Flea! It's so fun to meet other bloggers!


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