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Saturday, September 10, 2011

vintage washtub love

we are in the midst of a laundry room renovation. 
 the former exterior clapboard wall has been exposed. 
the plumbing, gas line and electrical has been re-routed.
a half wall has been built to hide all the above.
the sheetrock is repaired and installed.
the floor is awaiting its debut

in the midst of all this
while surfing craigslist the other night
i found this beauty
and my heart sang  

there setting before my eyes was a
vintage laundry tub with a cover
i anxiously waited for the next morning to arrive
so that i could make a phone call

within a few hours, it was in my car and on its way home.
with a bit of retrofitting, it now has a real drain.
it will be installed next week in its rightful place.
testing the drain for leaks

this wasn't the original idea for a laundry tub
but it has evolved into something much nicer.

isn't she beautiful?!

i can't wait to show you the mudroom/laundry room
with its updated look
but like me, you'll have to wait patiently.
(i'm generally not a patient person when it comes to projects)

what treasure(s) have you found lately?
please share, as i'd love to know.

have a great weekend,

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  1. neato! I found my vintage 1960s sewing machine on craigslist. It was a steal and it works perfectly! They just don't make things like they used to. It's in the banner of my blog at if you're at all interested in checking it out. Good luck with your renovation and I look forward to the finished result!

  2. I love it! I've seen one similar to this.. somewhere. Wish I had one! The vintage find for this entire year for me was actually a gift from our neighbor of two vintage, but never used, big green barn lights. I am saving them for that 'someday' house we plan to build - mostly likely for the kitchen. Now I just need to figure out how to repay my neighbor for this wonderful gift ;) Enjoy that lovely and beautiful tub, and can't wait to see the laundry room!! -Tammy

  3. LOVE that washtub! Wow!!!! If I had a room just for a washroom.....I would totally put one of those in there too! Just found your blog...and love it!

  4. Wonderful find! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  5. Love that tub. It has so much personality. Can you just imagine the story it could tell if it could talk?

  6. I just missed getting a beauty at an estate sale and have been scanning the web ever since trying to spot one. Does your's have any distictive markings or name of maker? What a great piece, I'll keep up the search. Love the character of these old pieces.

    Thanks, Dee

  7. Hi Judi, I came over to check out your blog; thanks for visiting Homespun Happenings. I love your find! I am your 200th follower. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  8. New folllower today - have really enjoyed reading back through your blog. I love your new washtub -- that was a wonderful Craigslist find!! Can't wait to see pics of it sitting pretty in your laundry room!

  9. Judi, She is beautiful! I have never seen one with a cover..fabulous. Thank you for sharing this great find at the Open House party.

  10. I have a vintage double washtub that I have decided to sell. Do you know the best place to advertise it?

    1. marcia,
      i found mine on craigslist, so i would start there. it's free to place an ad and local pick up (no shipping involved). hope you find a buyer!


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