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Thursday, December 1, 2011

etsy shop

my absence lately has been due to yet another task at hand.

and yeah, that's another project that has taken me foreva to complete.

however, i made myself a goal to get over 50+ items in the shop before black friday. 

mission accomplished! 

and this is what has happened since then...
mc coy bowls sold!
hutzler measuring cups sold!
mini barbie look alike sold!
leather travel bag sold!
cape cod souvenir tray  sold!

perhaps this doesn't seem like much of a feat
i've had to find a spot for my photo taking set up (um,did that twice), wait for the right time of day for that "natural" lighting, take the photos, and retake photos, then wait for the dead battery to charge (a 2nd battery is now on my christmas list), load all those pics onto the laptop, edit, figure a fair price for item, post a draft for each, and figure shipping cost.
yes, that 5 pics per listing and if you care to do the math...
well, let's just say that's well over 200+ photos!
i think i finally have a system in place.  for me it's getting over the "how, what, when, where" questions that roll through my brain with anything new.  once i got the ball rolling, it was much easier. 
goal setting and perseverance is the key. 
yeah, but you probably already know that.
for me it's a learning curve.
(see my bathroom post)

anyone else have challenges with learning something new?
how do you get over the "stage fright"?
any etsy helpful hints?
please share..i could stand to learn a few things!
more house tour coming your way..stay tuned
(thanks for your patience!)


  1. I've got no advice on Etsy, but I wanted to congratulate you on getting it done and making some sales. I too have such a hard time getting started on new ventures. It's so much harder to think about getting started than it is to actually DO it!

  2. Looks like a great start! I've had my etsy shop for over 2 years and it has only been in the past year that it really took off. You are so right, the photos are time consuming. There's definitely a learning curve! I love what you've sold so far. I'm excited for you. Lisa~

  3. Sounds like you are doing just right! I find the more I list, the more I I just need to list lol!

  4. Good for you! It's always exciting to have a new venture going.

  5. Girlfriend, you've been busy. Adorable etsy stuff. That doll looks like one I had when I was a little girl.


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