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Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm StiLL AliVe aNd WeLL

Letchworth State Park Middle Falls
hi friends,
stopping in to say hello and let you know that I'm alive and well......just VERY busy!

in a nutshell, here is what i've been up to:

  • planned and coordinated a surprise retirement party for Mr. 1829 on 5/28
  • purchased hanging flowers & planted organic seeds/seedling from local farmers on 5/29
  • took a quick trip to Rochester to say farewell to our dear friend's son leaving on a 3 mo. missions trip to the Ukraine on 5/30
  • prepared a picnic outing to Letchworth State Park on Memorial Day
  • helped my parents with some cleaning, organizing & storage on 6/2
  • helped our son with moving prep 
  • took on a prom dress alteration 
  • celebrated our son's birthday w/ a dinner for 6 on 6/5
  • helped & attended my niece's wedding shower on 6/6
  • working on bride & bridesmaid fitting/alterations for niece's wedding
  • AND working on plans for main floor bath renovation (to be completed in one month)
i do hope to post at least once a week now that some of this busyness has passed.  forgive me if i don't live up to that goal!

until next time...


  1. Nice to hear from you, Judi~ life does get crazy sometimes, doesn't it? Sounds like you been having some great family times!

  2. Glad you updated... I've been working on bathrooms, too! one was featured on JMS!

    Can't wait to see yours!


  3. There it is again -- darn LIFE getting in the way of important stuff, like blogging. ;)

  4. I've missed you, and I'm glad to hear you've just been busy! :)
    sounds like a lot of great (fun) times!
    take care, see you next week! (when you post)

  5. Whoa. Just read my comment. That says DARN, but it looks a little sketchy. Maybe I should have said silly or something instead.
    Still Midge

  6. My you have been busy! I'm going to that garden sale tomorrow in Rochester. Someday we will have to get together and do an outing. It would be fun.
    Glad to hear all is well.

  7. My my...busy girl!! Thanks so much for your sweet comment about the really means a lot. I was super nervous about that one. :) -shaunna

  8. Okay, you're excused then :-) That was one heck of a list! I hope you had some fun doing it all though (or most of it at least!).


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