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Sunday, May 23, 2010

ToDaY Is My BiRtHdAy!

Yes, today is MY birthday and its a BIG one!  Mr. 1829 got to walk that path 6 days prior and he survived.   So I suppose I shall too.  It's only a number, right?

Have a wonderful weekend friends!  I plan to celebrate a life saved by grace, what will you be celebrating?


  1. Happy Birthday to you.... Happy Birthday to you and to Mr 1829 too....
    Blessings for a wonderful year ahead!

  2. Happy Birthday Judi! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with simple pleasures:)

  3. Have a very happy birthday!!! Sounds like a week to celebrate!!

  4. Oh how wonderful. Happy Birthday to you and Mr. both. Yes, they are just numbers. Since I have reached the very large numbers, I am even more convinced they are just numbers. lol Hope you have a super week. Hugs, Marty

  5. Happy birthday, Judi...awww, you're just a kid! Hope it's wonderful! XO

  6. Happy 25th birthday, Judi!!! ;-)


  7. Happy Birthday! I celebrated my own on 5/2.

  8. Happy birthday Judi and to the hubs too!
    I've missed ya! Hurry back, k?

  9. Happy Birthday Judi. I too celebrated a big number last week. Somehow they aren't as bad as everyone says they are.

  10. thank you my blogging buds!!! you are all so sweet and kind ;) and i did have a wonderful day celebrating with my family. i will have to share some of that with you. are now my bff...but i would have trouble explaining how i have a 24 year old daughter! lol

    diane- happy birthday to YOU!

    gail- i shall return, been working on some party plans, projects, and wedding stuff! whew, makes me tired talking about it. uh oh...must be getting old!

    rose- and happy birthday to you too!

  11. sorry i am late on this- was away this weekend! wanted to say happy birthday, and i totally understand. the big 2-5 is a rough one. ;) hope you had a wonderful day! you're only as old as you feel you are- remember that! so just be a kid at heart!

  12. Hey, Happy Birthday!!! I will be 50 in August! Wedding Plans? I am helping a friend with a wedding this summer; I always love, love to hear about weddings. I probably should have been a party planner, because I love parties! Lezlee


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