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Saturday, December 11, 2010

busy reasons

life has been so very busy and here are some very good reasons why:

my parents
dad has been in and out of hospital since mid september but is now doing much is the caregiver and is getting worn out.  we are trying to do what we can to give them the help they need at this time. 

a new puppy
she's a rescue that came complete with fleas...and we are finally at the end of that mess but still working on the housetraining.  she's a sweetheart and her name is laci.

new "old" flooring in bathroom
bathroom renovation is still ongoing but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  i am really hoping we'll be done in the next few least with a working toilet and sink.  it's a good thing we have another full bathroom.

how to repurpose lathe 
projects galore and many more waiting in line.

1950's Harlequin Round Covered Vegetable Bowl
 setting up my etsy shop amidst the chaos and selling my first item..woo hoo!

i sure do miss posting and have been working on a few behind the scenes.  i do visit blogs when i can just to keep inspired.  i miss you all...and hope to be back in the saddle soon.


  1. I'm so glad your dad is doing better. So much worry for you I'm sure. Little Laci is just the sweetest, cutest little thing.

  2. We miss you... but you've been busy, for sure. Glad your Dad is doing better! Lezlee

  3. I love that little puppy!!!!
    I'm having to deal with family medical problems, too, so I can empathize with what you are going through. I will put your parents on my prayer list!

  4. You been busy with the important things! Hope your parents are doing well now and little Laci is too cute! Congrats on opening the etsy shop- you'll have fun!

  5. I hope your dad's health continues to improve and I hope your mom gets rested.
    Laci is sooo cute!
    whoa, you've got a lot going on so close to the holidays!
    take care, good luck with etsy!

  6. could that puppy be any cuter???? oh my!!! nd i will keep your dad and of course your mom in my thoughts and prayers. they are lucky to have you guys.

  7. Life does get busy sometimes. So glad that yours is busy in so many good ways.


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