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Sunday, November 7, 2010

S is for simple

elementary: easy and not involved or complicated

here's an idea for those of you who love anything metal or galvanized like mu-wha.  i have these red, rubber coated "s" hooks in my pantry/closet that i use to hang bags and other sorts of periphernalia. they are quite handy, however, i wasn't lovin' the color or the coating...
just wasn't me
i'm sure you know what i mean.  

i got to thinking...."hmmm...i wonder what's underneath that rubbery stuff?"

so i grabbed me some scissors and hacked away at them to find
much better!

i'm not sure where i bought these as they've been here for years incognito,
but i do know that i didn't pay much for them.
an online search (plastic coated s hooks) showed most to be about 50 cents


  1. very cool...Isn't it great how we can look at things a little differently? and the more we do it, it really does become second nature. Lezlee

  2. Nice idea Judi! I have some of those...Whoda thunk?

  3. Ha! Totally something I'd do as well. While others paint, I rust up. Kudos, fellow junker!


  4. Oh my goodness! "S" hooks...I've got a feddish for them simple yet so important and easy to "install" little gadgets and I can't have enough of them around Mel's Cabin blog homeplace...


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