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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

the decor of christmas past...part two

as if you haven't had enough of christmas decorating,
i come along and ask you to look at more!
and if you haven't seen part one, go here.

now i will show you a bit of my simplified decorating,
since time was short and life was uber busy. 

i liked the results of this way of decorating and only wish i'd done it years ago!
(purging the rest of the decor will be done when this stuff gets put away). 

enjoy the tour of christmas past...
fireplace mantel decor
tree on rustified milking stool
folding ruler star 
vintage choir candles &
swedish gnomes (from grandma)
vintage ornaments and a pipe cleaner candy cane
vintage milk bottle, crates, dominoes 
and vintage puzzles made by abercrombie 
tree junkified

and that completes the 2010 christmas past tour...
thanks for stopping by!

now onto 2011

up & coming projects:

bathroom renovation
lathe wall clock
mom 'n dads table & sideboard
mb office niche

stay tuned!


  1. Nice!! I love the vintage choir candles and swedish gnomes, and everything!! Thanks for sharing. Judi, Happy New Year to you and yours :) -Tammy

  2. Your decorating is charming, Judi, full of personality! Looking forward to your 2011 projects!

  3. Love your christmas Decor! Nice job. Hope your new year is great!

  4. Everything looks great Judi...I simplified AGAIN this year. It feels so good :)
    Good luck with your 2011 plans...can't wait to see! Laurel

  5. I love your simple, vintage decor! Very sweet. I am never bored of looking at Christmas decorations, and often have Christmas crafts going on all year long. Thanks for visiting House Revivals -- I'm glad the post brought back some nice memories.

  6. I agree with House Revivals! I love Christmas year round, too! My son-in-law used to call my home the Christmas House! When I had a home in Vt, there were some Christmas-sy things that I just loved to leave out year round!!!
    Thanx for sharing your Christmas-sy post in Jan!
    I may have to do one, too!!!! {I still have my tree up, after all! And our outdoor lights haven't been shut off in over a week!}

  7. It's all so cute! I think the toy tractor is my favorite! THANKS for the sweet words on my dd's was so fun!

  8. the splendor of the yesteryears has a charm of it own love your pictures

  9. Wow, these pics are really great and quite motivational in helping with the decoration of home. Hope I can decorate my condo too this coming Christmas.

    condo in Philippines


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