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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the decor of christmas past...part one

not being the only one (thanks to lani) who was SO busy with life during the christmas season, i too am posting some of my decorating "johnny come lately".  anyhoo, the twelfth day of christmas has not yet i will consider it not too late!  while everyone else in blogland is on to the new in new year, you can sit back and visit (as in dickens christmas carol) the days of christmas past. 

last year i had really wanted to place our live christmas tree in a galvanized wash tub but our tree stand wouldn't allow it.  however, i reminded mr. 1829 of his promise to make it work this year.  since we didn't get our tree or decorations up until one week prior, there wasn't much time.  not realizing how easy it was going to be, off we drove to purchase our tree and find a new tree stand, which worked perfectly and was on sale.  we came home, set it up and i started doing the happy dance.  i will let you enjoy the tree that was everything that i had imagined (it doesn't take much)  i chose to use only our vintage, silver (thanks pottery barn) and ivory ornaments with a ballards burlap garland.
felt star on vintage bobbin..handmade by mu-wah
vintage ornaments from parents & grandparents
the clip-on bird below was from an old store display in a small women's store that i worked for in the early 80's.  i've had several of them in my stash and this is the first time i've used them in well over 25 years.  the bicycle horn was from mr.1829's maternal grandma, she gave it to us for christmas a few years before she died.  so in honor of her, we keep it hung on our tree each year.  it still has a few good honks left in it.  the single woolen mitten is also from grandma and looks quite cozy on the tree hung by a mini clothespin.
also handmade by mu-wha

mr. snow by yours truly

vintage glitter balls and...

2 vintage bells from my parents collection

 a few more pics along with miss laci

stay tuned for part two


  1. I'm still doing Christmas, too! I am so glad you are, as well, because I Love your tree and that bird, so pretty! How cool are all the memories you have on your tree, especially that mitten and horn. Have a Happy New Year! Lezlee

  2. Lovely Christmas decor, Judi! The little tractor is wonderful! I'm looking forward to seeing more!

  3. So cute! Love the washtub stand! I hung some of my daughter's old mittens that her grandmother had knit for her when she was little. I found 2 pair in an old storage tote in the basement. They were so cute I just had to add them to the tree...I did a separate kid's stuff tree with vintage toys and handmade ornaments made by the kids when they were little. It was my favorite.


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