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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

yum to the 5th degree

laurie from the turner farm is hosting a party! 
and i am joining in to share with you
the top five yummy things that make me smile.

yum #1: 
whole grain, fruit-filled artisan bread with fresh organic butter 
yummy good!

yum #2:
vintage advertisement found for a bargain at bouckville
love-love-love typography
(the jury is still out today on whether to paint the wormwood frame or
change the mat since i was just using what i had available)

yum #3:
a project almost completed...
that's been on a two plus year waiting list!
(next step: cut binding and bind edges)

yum #4:
peppermint tea sweetened with stevia
it's like eating mint chocolate-and satisfies my craving! 

yum #5
beautiful photography of my decor by my daughter
such creativety!
and her take on my dad's folding ruler

thanks laurie for the linky party
i had a blast!


  1. um, how can you post that bread and not post a recipe?!?!?!?!?! ;) Yum is RIGHT!

  2. I love those pics of the car and the folding ruler! Not to mention that bread looks awesome.

  3. I'll take it all when you're done with it. :) Yum indeed!


  4. YUM and Double YUM you had me at the bread! These are some fabulous YUMS ! How much fun to have you link up for our FIRST - YUM - Top 5 at the farm! Look forward to seeing what makes you smile next week!

  5. A great list of wonderful things! Blessings!

  6. Hi Judi, thank you for your very sweet comment. I love your blog and am smitten with your quilt!


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