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Friday, February 11, 2011

funky junkified-inspired farmhouse decor

Funky Junk Interiors

as many of you have discovered, there is a blogger out there who has her finger on the pulse of junk decor.  funky junk donna along with junkmarketstyle have been an inspiration to me to fine tune and re-connect to my style-love of old, vintage, rusty, galvanized junk. 
about five or so years ago, i went through a period of time decorating with the primitive, folk art style.  i think i convinced myself that it worked for me, but honestly, my true heart was in items that had a history or a story to tell.  
there's nothing wrong with this style, it just isn't my heartbeat. 

i married a man who's grandfather was an antique dealer for many years.  their home was filled with beautiful antiques, all with a story to tell.  we have since acquired several wonderful pieces from their estate but i digress.  the reason for this post is to show how my true style has finally shown through.  and to pay homage to those in blogland who have been my inspiration for getting back to my roots, so to speak. 

without further ado, i now present my
funky junkified-inspired farmhouse decor
bathroom vanity in the rough (reveal coming soon)

vintage washstand for deck entertaining
there is now a wood insert in other side to sit drink cups, etc
(sorry i don't have pic with it finished)

 rusty, crusty metal toys

rusty metal and weathered wood
 back porch decor

soda pop crates, vintage tins and more toys
the red trolley car was found inside a wall during a renovation project!

and donna...this one is for you
(click link to see more)

FYI: if you haven't discovered this new catalog
 and you love the rustic, recycled style
go check this out
check out the sale page too.

at west end
a unique place for rustic and recycled home decor

$5 shipping any size order
i am not being compensated by this company...i just like their products!

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  1. Oh boy do I get this post! Loud and clear. So glad you gravitated towards what you truly love, Judi!

    LOL on the horse! Love it! And that tractor... what a sweet find! Love your junk! :)


  2. Thanks for the comment Laurie. You have some great pieces of "junk"! I am still trying to find my style and find myself gravitating toward this style. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. How fun! I love the commode with the sink...can't wait to see the rest! Congrats on your son's engagement...
    Got a ? for glazed your little cabinet with what?

  4. It's me again...I forgot that you asked me a ?...about the shoes...Did you want to know what I put inside? shredded and crumpled music paper
    If that's not what you wanted to know...ask again:)

  5. Your sink project looks great, I'm sure it'll turn out wonderful! Love your vintage stuff!
    Hugs, Heidi

  6. Love that vanity! Now I have some inspiration for a vintage sink that I want to do a project with! :)

  7. love your vanity, I grew up with a sink like that, either hot or cold, no warm, lol, love the look, though. You know I love all your junkified decor. Lezlee

  8. I love it all, just my style. The picture with the red trolley car made me thing of that show on HGTV, If Walls Could Talk.
    I'm going over to check out the link with those paper clips.
    Thanks for visiting with me too.

  9. Judi,
    Love your vanity. I am starting to get back in the groove. Thanks for another push. Love your style too.
    smiles, alice

  10. Love, love this post! I know exactly what you're talking about. I used to think my style was victorian because of some of the pieces I was drawn to, then it switched to country french, then a few others here and there. Turns out I just loved the pieces for either the texture, the movement of the piece or the legacy behind it. Go figure! It's so exciting when we finally make the connection to what is truly calling our hearts.

    Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

  11. THANK YOU for the sweet anniversary wishes...we had a wonderful time together!

  12. i love your style! the bathroom vanity is so perfect. Funky Junk is a great blog!

    And the name of your blog is why I stopped that name. It says it all!

    our house is a 1797 brick colonial. Most people in our historic town decorate in the primitive style...but not us. I grew up in a junk yard (i know...weird, right?) and have been collecting junk forever...however, I tone down the junk a bit and have a lot of beautiful antiques. In my opinion Junk and Antiques are perfect together!


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