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Saturday, March 31, 2012

monkey business

ok, so i am probably the LAST blogger evah to set up a pinterest account

but since doing so, i am hooked. line. and sinker.
this is the best thing since sliced bread
47 boards and counting...

the next best thing was finding PicMonkey
i was stressing a bit with what to replace with picnik 
once that closed down for good.
my new friend karianne from thistlewood farm
(you MUST go visit, she's a hoot)
posted recently about PicMonkey
as did miss gracie
it is the BEST.

look at some of the things you can do...

1. soften

 2. dusk

 3. hdr

 4. sepia

 5. black & white with soften

 6. gritty
(looks like a pencil favorite)
there are over 30 other special effects
the possibilities with your photos are endless
really. you must go try it out.

it's fun


it's FREE 
(no registration required)

now go on.
what are you waiting for?

go engage in some monkey business
really, i promise,
you won't get in trouble for it
do you have a favorite photo editor?
which special effect is your favorite?


  1. Judi,

    Don't you just love Pic Monkey? They have come up with so many new features. I was just looking at the new scrapbooking elements!



  2. I can see that you were having fun! I like the dusk effect best on your photo...great family photo, btw!

  3. Your photos are just amazing! I am so in love with them!

  4. I love monkey business and PicMonkey!! What would my sad, pathetic pics look like without a little blush and mascara!? Just like us gals, our pics can use all the help they can get!

    I usually just do a little lighting adjustment - nothing fancy. But your pics make me want to experiment - beautiful!

  5. Believe it or not, you are NOT the last blogger to set up a Pinterest account. I STILL haven't - although lots of sweet folks have pinned stuff from my blog. This little organic farm of mine keeps me quite busy and doesn't leave a whole lot of time for play...yet, anyway! ;)

    Thanks for visiting me at the cottage and for your kind comment. Now I'm off to check out your reuse of grates.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  6. This post made me smile so much. I remember when I first discovered pinterest and i was a pinning mad woman, it was like I couldn't stop. I'm happy to report I have gotten my disorder in check ... but that is just to make time for all of my photo editing in picmonkey. So many fun features, right!?! And I see they've just added collages ... I need to get on that. :)

  7. Hi Judi, I felt the same way! I was hesitating on pulling the Pinterest lever, but once I jumped it was LOVE (: Had to follow your boards because they're absolutely LOVELY!! Thanks so much for suggesting PicMonkey! Oh my word, I've already altered some of the photos of the cottage that I'll be posting tomorrow. You know, it's funny...I talked with a friend yesterday who just found Karianne's blog and suggested I stop by. Then you mentioned it today...small world, eh (;

    All my best,

  8. Hi Judi, just found you from Thistlewood Farm! LOVE the Monkey!

  9. Gracias por compartir encantan leer este pensamiento nuevo solo un artículo precioso, tengo favorito de este blog..!

    Regalos Personalizados

  10. OK, I am going to go try it. IU am SO clueless when it comes to pictures and doing anything with them. Thanks!


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