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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Musical Revamp

A Christmas gift for my bff and her family included this little ditty.  I found it in the markdown aisle at my local HomeGoods store and could see its potential.  A bit of my favorite black paint, kraft paper, Modge podge,  sheet music of 2 of her fav songs and Gorilla wood glue (great stuff!).  


  • Take the frame apart carefully (as seen in above photo)
  • Paint the frame and letter in desired color (I chose Pittsburg Paint black satin)
  • Brush Modge Podge on frame backing
  • Crumple piece of kraft paper and placed in bucket of water-then squeeze out excess water
  • Carefully uncrumple paper, spread out on frame backing and apply another coat of Modge Podge.
  • Take emphemera (sheet music in this case) crumple and follow same steps as kraft paper
  • Place music as desired overtop kraft paper on frame back - apply another coat of Modge Podge
  • Glue letter on top of sheet music and frame together
  • Add desired ribbon (I chose 2 -black grosgrain and burlap) stapled to back. 

Thank you to my 12th's hubby for taking the AFTER pics
(cuz I forgot in the craziness of the holidays!)


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