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Saturday, February 27, 2010

SnOw DaY

We had over 18 inches of fresh, heavy snow fall from Thursday night into Friday due to a Nor'easter making its way up the east coast .  Living in the NE, you would think this is just another day in winter and well...pretty much it is.  However, in this case, schools and even community colleges were closed.  A warning of "no unnecessary travel" was put out over radio and television across central NY until 6am Friday morn.  
All in all this is not a problem for us NE'sters (yup made that word up) when there is an abundance of snowplows, snowblowers and shovels helping to keep the snow accumulation cleared from roads, driveways and sidewalks.  However, when one relies on a contracted snow removal from one's drive that doesn't show up, then you have a slight problem-o.   Here are some pics from our 'little" bit of snow and the "fun" we had trying to remove it.  I felt muscles that I didn't even know I had!

Can you find the steps???

That's over 15 inches of snow on top of the car
That's my daughter's car  on the right which we were trying to get unburied so that she could get to her college class... thankfully they officially closed at 10am.  Yes, even the college students have snow days!
This pic above shows about 50 feet of drive near the main road.  The end of the drive slopes up to the road plus the huge snowplows push more snow into it.  There was probably at least 24 inches of snow at the end of the driveway!

It is said "that behind every cloud is a silver lining"....well how about "somewhere behind every snow cloud is a bit of sunshine"  Here is some long awaited "shine" that made it's entrance not a moment too soon.


I just love how snow looks with the sun glimmering on its surface.
(click on pic to enlarge and see the big hunk of snow flying from K's shovel...didn't realize I had an action shot!)

The end of the story....we were eventually able to get out of the driveway once we found a kind soul to plow us out...and well...THEN we were doing the achy breaky happy dance 

The sun has since melted all of the snow in the for spring!

Have a great weekend!

~judi ;)


  1. Those pictures are amazing!! I love the snow but it can sure be a pain. When we get snow our U of Oregon stays open but the community college closes. Weird huh?

  2. Hi Judi- looks like VERY wet, heavy snow- even more fun to shovel! Lovely pics, though, and I keep reminding myself...Monday is March 1st!!

  3. You must be over it! Brrr..................

  4. Wow, great pics, though. Don't even go to my blog... It was 70 today, you should come visit. We will go to First Monday, I'll take you on the tour just like Margo did in Flea Market Style, and Alice can meet us there. Then to Winnie and Tallulah's, and of course Goodwill and the Dollar Stores, Lezlee

  5. Now that is some crazy snow!! I remember having to shovel my way to my car (and then having to shovel the car door open) when I lived in Nebraska. Now we get snow once every 60 years in Louisiana!

    Lovely to meet you! Your furniture redos are amazing. I love those kind of projects.

  6. That is some serious snow! Wowzers! I wanted to stop by your blog and thank you for the sweet words you posted to my blog while we are going thru this hard time. It is so appreciated!


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