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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Holiday with Matthew Mead

 You may be thinking that it's a bit early to be thinking of Christmas.  I know that I am SO looking forward to some warm, spring-like weather.  However,  a magazine or in this case, book-azine, must start work over 6 months ahead of its expected release date to reach its deadline.  If you know who Matthew Mead is, you will definitely want to get in on this new release.  
{Hint: he has alot to do with the newest magazine called Flea Market Style.}

So, if you haven't on over to Matthew Mead's blog and read about the following:

Head over to Holiday with Matthew Mead to find out how you can win the opportunity to have your blog or online shop mentioned in the magazine. Holiday with Matthew Mead is a  "book-azine" celebrating and offering inspiration for the Christmas holiday season. To be released in October 2010, Holiday is offered via online orders only - in limited quantities - and will not be sold on newsstands. But, by simply following the BUY HOLIDAY MAGAZINE link below their banner, you can reserve your own copy of this beautiful magazine, with guaranteed delivery of the magazine straight to your mailbox!  Holiday with Matthew Mead is144 pages of holiday inspiration with well-known and admired designers, bloggers and top-notch features, printed on beautiful paper and not drowning in ads!
Now, head on over for your chance to win!

Have a good week,

judi ;)


  1. ooh, I can't wait! I still look at my Flea Market Mag. Lezlee

  2. I know magazine people are always at least one season ahead of the world in their work life! When we're thinking about garden trees, they're thinking about Christmas trees . . . and when we're thinking about Christmas trees, they're out in the garden!

  3. I'm your newest follower! We will be moving into our 1901 Farmhouse and starting renovations this month! = )

  4. Judi... good luck with the giveaway! :)
    thanks for your kind words about my vanity re-do. I love a good challenge!


  5. Hi Judi,
    This looks cool...thanks for the info!

  6. hello!! thank you so much for stopping by my blog today! i love Matthew Mead he's amazing! i have to go and reserve my copy, hope to see you around again :) susan

  7. I love Matthew Mead, I'll be sure to head right on over, thank you for calling this to our attention!

    Have a wonderful Thursday!


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