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Monday, April 26, 2010

Isn't She Loverly?

We took a whirlwind road trip to Waterbury, CT two weekends ago (4/17).  A mere 4 hour drive (one way) to retrieve an item from Craiglist, but well worth the time and effort.  A stop at Whole Foods for lunch and shopping along with another stop at Ikea was included in this day trip. 

So are you curious?  What could possibly be so grand that one would devote an entire day of traveling to retrieve?   Well, it was something that I had been searching and researching for some time, well over 9 months, since first seeing a similar item.  I asked questions of bloggers who had possession of this, searched Ebay for pricing and then Craiglist.  I continually expanded my search in areas outside of my hometown until I "found" this item. Inquiring about its availability was my next step and when she it was, a trip was in the making!  Ok, so I gave you a bit of a hint but have you guessed yet?  Is the suspense killing you?  Well here's a little peak...
Did you guess what it is????   Look at that patina and metal love going on there!
Ok, ok,  I won't keep it from you any longer.
This is my most recent "find" off of Craiglist. 
Isn't she bee-A-u-tee-ful!
The condition is so remarkable for its age.  A date of Dec 1, 1908 is located near the base set screw. Can you see it?
I was told by the seller that the original owner was a 90 year old Polish woman who sewed her own clothes...ALL of them.  Her name was Gorniak and I am awaiting her first name, if the seller can remember or locate it.  It has been suggested by my blogging, mannequin-owning friends that she needs a beautiful name, any suggestions???  I was hoping to name her after the original owner, of course, depending upon what that may be.

Here are more loverly pics of my beautiful, old girl...hmmm she's about 102 years old!  She certainly looks great for her age, dontcha think?!  I hope I look that good when I get that old...haha
Take a look at that cage and those legs!
And notice the detail & craftsmanship of that vintage cast iron leg & caster, they just don't make things like they use to!

A SPECIAL thank you to Laura over at 52 Flea for some guidance, she was a dear blog friend to offer advice when i was trying to decide between two mannequins.  I am indebted to your kindness!

I have another post in the making regarding a first for me in the auction world that Mr. Farmhouse and I attended several weeks back.  All I can say is "I did real good!"

Until then, thanks for being patient with me...I am not a regular die-hard blogger, suffice it to say there are priorities that must be attended to on the home-front.  If you haven't seen Amy's post over at WhisperWood Cottage , you must take a look...some food for thought.


  1. wow! girl, she IS purty! I'm glad you finally got what you wanted! Sounds like it was a good day trip!
    happy for you!

  2. She is so lovely. I now think I need a new friend around the house too.

  3. LOVE your mannequin. How wonderful. I love the little wheels too. Sure wish I had a name, but I agree if you can find out the original owners name that would be just perfect. Hugs, Marty

  4. Judi, she's beautiful. You've definitely got to find the right name. Glad to see you around again. Hugs, Marla

  5. She is so curvy and her patina is wonderful!! I sooo hope you find out her first name..the original owner that is...can't wait to see where you place her!!! Worth the trip!

  6. Judi, she's wonderful- one of the prettiest I have seen! Can't wait to hear about your auction experience!

  7. wow! that is absolutely stunning- a great find! i am headed to the auction on weds, so we can swap stories! :)

  8. Love the details on her!! The base and casters are fabulous!! And what a great story. Eventually she will speak to you and tell you her name.


    P.S. Thanks for the mention! :)

  9. oooh, I love her! I always enjoy your posts! Love the claw feet. Even everyday utilitarian pieces show off the craftsmanship of the era. Lezlee

  10. Wow what a lovely find and she does need a name, doesn't she? How about Grażyna - the Polish name of Lithuanian origin meaning

    Or perhaps Celestyna - the feminine form of Polish Celestyn, meaning "heavenly."

    Can't wait to hear what you decide!!


  11. Love her! Down to the last detail! You did great, and I would say the trip was WELL worth it. Thanks for sharing your treasure :) -Tammy

  12. Oh, she's gorgeous! Absolutely lovely, how thrilled you must be.

    And yes, she simply MUST have a name. Fear not, she'll tell you what it is. You just have to listen. :-)

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  13. that is FANTASTIC!!! And I have to tell you, I had to show my husband this post about you traveling to another state for a craigslist find when he complains about me sending him to Liverpool or Auburn for some treasure ;)

  14. SO envious! I'm also a fan of dress-forms, though most of what I've collected has been new decor items rather than authentic and antique. Mine are named Margaret Ann and Eloise and the temporarily named Holly Grace.

  15. She is gorgeous! And even prettier than those original photos....Glad it all worked out! Have lots of fun with her...I know you will!
    ...Talulah Rose and Mildred Grace are getting ready for a spring soiree....:)

  16. SuWeet! I'm looking up Polish bout Agata, Cecylia, Felicia, Giertruda, Hanna, Lidia, Monika, Olga (this could be it!), or Zyta. Love that one, too! Happy naming! ~Mindy

  17. That is a cool dressform with the skirt thing on the bottom! Just wanted to stop by and tell you thanks for the sweet comment on my new blog ;)

  18. Wow! I LOVE her...I have two mannequins of my own, but not this old. Great find :)

    Giveaway at Reading Rosie this week...

  19. Our mannequins should have aplay date!! lol!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am now your newest follower because I have fallen in love with your blog!


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