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Saturday, May 1, 2010

LeT ThE BiDdiNg BeGiN!

Grab a cup of coffee or tea...this is a looooong post! 

Have you ever been to an auction and actually participated?  I had my first experience several weeks back at a home that was FILLED with over 65 years of love, hard work and treasures.  Mr. FH had met the owners several years ago as they lived next door to his mom's cousin.   The auction was held on a crisp, sunny Saturday morning starting at 10am and lasting until 5pm.  Yes, we stayed for the whole auction!  It was SO much fun and a learning experience that I will never forget.  The auction was first for the house and then for the contents.   There were SO many treasures & junk from the basement to the attic to the garage to the shed.  During the walk-through prior to the auction, my heart was beating out of my chest.  The massive amounts of things that this couple had amassed was incredible but at the same time like a treasure hunt.  Mr. FH left the bidding to me having given me a budget to work with.  I managed to stay under budget and made a few dollars as well. (I'll get to that in a moment)  
I can't explain the adrenaline rush that you feel when the bidding begins.  There's an aire of excitement as the auctioneer starts the bidding and people start nodding and calling out prices.  I learned a lot during the house auction, which helped me during the content sale.  Here are a few tips for those who have never been to an auction but would like to one day participate.

1) know the value of the item your bidding on

2) don't hesitate & stay focused while the bidding is going on (one distraction or hesitation can cause you to lose out on an item)

3) don't let your husband discourage you from bidding when you KNOW the value of an item.   Don't worry, I still love him despite this error in judgement.  ;)  I jest (about the error that is)

Ahem...I lost out on two vintage metal industrial-style stools for a mere $3.  I still to this day regret not bidding because the stinker dealer who bid against me bought them both for $24!!!  I would have paid up to $30 each since these go for well over $100 and even more at places like PB or Hudson Goods.

4) and when another bidder comes up to you and asks if you'd sell them the pair of chairs that you bought for $17.50 (yes, for both-these were upholstered back & seat w/wood arms & legs) who happens to be a dealer from Canada- consider this a wise transaction!  I resold the chairs, made the dealer quite happy, and made a profit, which made me happy.  :)

Here are some of the wonderful treasures that I purchased...
I love the white polka dot pitcher, there was another one that came up later for bid, but alas I hesitated and missed out on it.  The green urn is perfect as is, love the color (this was a trade with a another friendly bidder).  The Red Wing Art Pottery was a special surprise since I didn't know it was marked until after I was taking pics.  That has to be worth some money.  The oval frog is pretty unique and an addition to a unplanned collection.  
Did you notice the cool little suitcase underneath it all?  That was found up in the attic FULL of items from their last trip to Hershey, PA.  Of course, most of it went in the trash-not one to keep who knows how old personal care products, let alone someone else's! 
The tin was for cigarettes which I wouldn't necessarily buy but it was part of a tray lot of items.  To my surprise, tucked inside was a wooden needle holder and an unused gasoline ration card. Next to the tin is an old fishing reel and an aluminum cigar holder.  The other pics show miscellaneous cut glass and a tea pot that I bid and won for $2-another tray lot.  That mini tea pot is stamped Made in Japan.  The little bottles in the box were for an antibacterial drug by Lilly called Keflex Cephalexin Monohydrate which I believe is a penicillin.  
This cupboard was found in the garage, which we literally took off the wall.  Poor Mr. FH had to hold his breath as he removed all the poisons & insecticides that were housed inside.  This will have a most thorough cleaning before it is brought inside.  I think it should go in the bathroom, don't you?
The next items are an apple picker, a wood shelf with galvanized trim wrapped around, a few galvanized washtubs, metal garden fencing and a vintage basket handmade in our town-known as a "Liverpool basket".  The shelf is going in the laundry room and I'd like to use the fencing inside on a wall.  I also bought a washtub stand that one of the tubs fits on.  The tubs, fencing & basket were found full of broken clay pots in the shed.  Again, there was another tub in the basement that I missed out on by being distracted which would have put the whole thing together but I have another idea for it.  I will either use the stand & tub for flowering plants or an ice filled cooler.  The other opening I hope to fit with planked wood sealed for protection and used as a side table on the deck.  The cool thing is that the tub has a drainage hole in the center bottom that could be fitted with a rubber hose so the water runs away from the seating area.
Love the vintage details...caster wheels, arched design in bottom of tub, those raised ribs along the outside and the name (which fits the functionality).  Due to the fact that this was painted with u.g.l.y. silver paint at one time, I may paint the stand ORB as I'm not sure I want to take the time to remove the paint down to the original galvanized metal but we shall see...
Here are a few pieces of furniture that I brought home.  Small sewing table with cast iron base, chair with damaged cane seat, old dusty but cool vintage lampshade, corn planter, small broom (another collection addition) and a galvanized cream container.  Not pictured is an old lantern and a wooden level.

Are you tired yet of all the pics?  Don't say I didn't warn you!  Ok...almost done....
Last is this oak mirror which had been used vertically as shown, on a wall in their diningroom. I plan on painting (don't hate me) the frame black and hanging it horizontally on my kitchen wall to bring more light into the room.  I'm hoping this idea works!

I'd love to hear about your auction you have a memorable one?  What is the most unique or best bargain that you purchased or bid on?  Do you like auctions or do you prefer estate sales?

I may be MIA for a while (as if that's a news flash), I have some major organizing, sewing, cleaning, gardening, party planning and renovating in the near future.  All to be done within the next few weeks/months before a shhh!...surprise for a special someone (he doesn't read my blog or do much of anything on the i'm safe) and my nieces wedding (a first for my side of the family)  Thankfully Mr. FH is retiring the end of May, so he will be busy too!  Muhahahahaha!!!  Oh, do I have plans for that man!

Please pray for me (and for him too)!


  1. Wow, you got some great stuff! With the little drainage hole in that tub, it would be great if it could be rigged as a little fountain for an outdoor area. Interesting!

  2. judi! oh my tons of great stuff there! I imagine you were on cloud nine when you left, especially being under budget. I have never bid on anything at an auction. I'v not been to one in years and years. There is a weekly auction in a farm community, but I'd be too skeered to go by myself. I wouldn't have a clue how it all works.
    thanks for sharing all your fab finds! Good luck with all the upcoming festivities.

  3. Super treasures. You found some really great things. How fun. Hugs, Marty

  4. Wonderful stuff!

    You know, I've never been to an auction. I don't like having to compete for something, if I want it, I want it. Must be my only child-ness showing, eh? ;-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Seriously, I'm so jealous of all that fun!! I would have bought a plane ticket to spend the day watching you bid. You picked up a ton of treasures :)

    You have incredible, did I say incredible, antiques. You did good. I'm proud of you.

  6. Hi Judi,
    What a haul you got! I've never been to an auction, it sounds like a lot of fun!
    Hope you get time to share all your projects from these awesome purchases.

  7. Hi Judi! You commented on one of my blog posts awhile back and I just now saw your sweet comment! I'm new to this blogging thing and it's taking me some time to figure things out ;)

    To answer your question, I'm getting hitched 6-25-11 and am SO excited! It's great having a year and a half to plan because it lets me add in all those fun little details (like my wish tree tags) that would't be there if we were rushing to plan the wedding!

    I love that vintage tub in your post! So cute to serve drinks in at a summer party! Thanks for stopping by my blog and feel free to visit anytime :)

  8. Fabulous finds, Judi! I've never been to an auction, but this makes me want to go!

  9. WOW! What a great haul! I absolutely LOVE the wash tub!

  10. Judi - I attended my first auction 40 years ago(hard to imagine that they let a 3 y.o. bid back then) and my most recent auction yesterday. Be careful it can become an addiction. It was fun to read about your initiation in the process, about the thrill of the hunt and the good (and not so good) shots that we can take. Thanks for a fun read.

  11. Judi, sounds like you had soo much fun. and glad you got the wash tub, I know how you love the galvanized stuff... Watch out, after he retires he might start reading your blog! lol, Lezlee

  12. You found a good one. Nice finds! I discovered auctions recently too. Watch out you'll get addicted!

  13. How I wish I had a bid farmhouse to put all that cool stuff it! And thanks for visiting me the other day! Love your blog!! ann @ housefinally.blogspot

  14. I've actually never been to an auction! Can you believe that? Looks like you found some fantastic items!

  15. Judi,
    I am so glad you are now an auction "Aficionado". They are bunches of fun!
    You found some goodies for sure. Good on you for selling quickly.
    smiles, alice

  16. Hi Judi ~ I wanted to thank you so much for sending me that sweet totally made my auctions...I've only been to 2 of them...and just bid on a few little things...just to get the hang of it...but will hopefully try to go to a few more this year...they sure are fun!

    And I wanted to bought some great stuff at the auction...luckily we wouldn't be at the same auctions...cuz I think there may be a bidding war ;o)

  17. So fun Judi!! Mom and I used to go looking for treasures like this, although we've never been to an auction. Sounds like a dangerous place for me (: Since I've started simplifying and decluttering I don't make purchases much anymore. When I move to a larger space, now that's a different story (:

    I did find an awesome mirror at a small antique shop. It was $35, huge and made with the most lovely thick molding! Saw one almost exactly like it at PB for over $300 so I was happy with the deal (: Can't wait to see photos of these lovely items in their given spaces. Take care!


  18. WOW! That's my kind of auction! Too bad we don't live closer... although there might be some friendly auction rivalry. :-)


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