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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

building is for the birds!

it seems that i am not the only one this week who is into building. 
these industrious little feathered friends decided that our dryer vent
would be a great place to make a home for themselves. 
well, we all know that dryer vents and nesting materials do not mix.  so we had to send these little cuties packing, but not before i shot some pics of their nest building.  they certainly did not give up too easily as we turned the dryer on (no heat) to get them out of the vent so that we could fix the problem. 
unbeknownst to us, the flap was stuck open,
so it was a perfect spot for a sheltered nest.
 even with the dryer running and the nesting material flying out
they kept coming back with dried grass & leaves.
it was an entertaining afternoon...
the little love birds will need to find a new place for a nest...
just not in our dryer vent!
 i think this one is either sulking or trying to figure out
how to get that vent flap back open

stay tuned for more building projects
(the human kind)


  1. Great photo of the bird in motion. That happened to us in late winter, and I could actually hear the bird fluttering in and out of the dryer tube part. Hubby replaced it with a different cover with a strong screen on the bottom. Unfortunately for him our laundry room is on the second floor! Not a week later, from our dining room window we could see birds trying to get into our neighbours dryer vent. We gave them the heads up and they replaced their broken one too.

    I'm off to see more of your blog now. Have a great weekend.

  2. Great pictures! I love watching birds builda nest, but goodness, they do pick the most inconvenient places!


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