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Monday, June 13, 2011

a gated deck

you've heard of gated communities right?
well we now have a gated deck
for our puppy, laci.

my second project this past week required major power tools
and let me tell you...
i LOVE me some
table saw,
miter saw,
cordless drill, 
nail gun action
a puppy gate for our deck
 made from leftover pressure treated
decking and fence pickets
first i cut the wood into two inch widths and the length that i needed,
countersunk holes about 1 inch from the ends,
squared up the corners and attached together with wood screws,
when the four sides were all put together, then i added the pickets
that were previously cut to length with a nail gun.
all that was left was to put the two sections into place and add a hook & eye.
i rummaged through my hardware to find something cool or unique
but i decide that simple was best for now.
who knows when a better idea will pop into my brain,
and if that happens i'll be sure to change it up then.
 the two gate sections are wider than the width of the stairs
and slide between the top railing balusters.
to open, unhook latch and pull one side in or slide sections apart
since our pup is small, no hardware was needed to secure to the railing
much like funky junk donna, i LOVE using my power tools
(ok, actually they're mr.1829's but he shares)

there's nothing like the smell of sawdust,
the feel of raw wood, heavy metal and
some kicking power to get one's
creativity motivated

added bonus:
 there was no cost to build this
other than time!

so glad to be back posting...
oh how i've missed it so!
until next time
have a great week my friends!

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  1. So great!!! love a free project! :)

  2. This is exactly what I needed! I was just sitting down this morning to draw out plans for a gate across our pool deck opening. Thanks! Lisa~


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