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Monday, June 27, 2011

my heart beats for barn sales!

has your heart ever beat so fast that you thought for sure everyone around you could see it? 

oh my, that happened to me on sunday!

i was on my way home and spotted a sign similar to this. 

my car couldn't turn fast enough down the road.  as i rounded the bend in the road i came upon this older house with a pole barn next to it.  i could tell right away that there was some goods to be found.  i wish that i had my camera with me so that i could show you but alas i did not.
there were years and years of collected items stuffed into this barn, a side garage and other areas, which included a parked tractor trailer!

two brothers were selling off all that their father had collected and left to them.  the dad, i was told, had collected & sold various items with his mom as a hobby, bought out a hardware store, and was a carpenter/builder who liked to have things on hand.  there were tools that took up the whole garage, stacks of china, vintage hubcaps, boxes of canning jars, shutters, shelves full of glassware, enamelware, vintage car parts, yardsticks, glass baby bottles, safety glasses, knick knacks, linens, coke bottles, furniture, a "cadillac" baby buggy, metal signs, folding rulers, hardware galore, a vintage car and MUCH more.

as i was talking to one of the brothers, i asked if he had any furniture castors.   he said he thought there might be some in the trailer.  at first, i don't think he was going to show me, but then said, follow me.  well, he wasn't to the barn was a tractor trailer filled with hardware.  it was arranged in a somewhat organized fashion along the outside walls.  he showed me where to start and then said, have fun

and fun is what i had!  i was in the trailer for almost an hour, solo with only the light from the door to illuminate the trove of pieces and parts.  there were boxes, bins, shelves and a makeshift hardware cabinet with about 25 drawers.  the drawer pulls were old nails pounded into the front.(love the thriftiness)  while i was treasure hunting, i came across a gym locker basket filled with more hardware.  i knew i couldn't leave that behind, so i emptied it's contents into another container.  then i found a second locker basket and did the same.   i filled the basket with castors, vintage coat hooks, locker hooks, latches, etc.  it was great fun as long as you didn't mind the mouse poo, nests made from insulation, years of dust, and the lack of lighting inside  i washed my hands 3 times with wipes, just to get the dirt off.  mind you, i was wearing a summer dress and sandals... the perfect junking attire, dontcha think?.

here's the best part.  i asked the older brother what kind of deal would he give me.  he said that the items i already had set aside were about $45 and that didn't include the trailer finds. whoa, that was much more than i had wanted to spend.  i counter-offered and held firm.  he asked his brother what he thought and he said,
i'll do it all for that amount. 
i like his brother's deals.  
don't you just love the vintage galvanized patina?!

it's about what i had in mind, considering i had 5 vintage folding rulers, 2 vintage metal signs, 3 aqua canning jars, a vintage baby bottle, lots of hardware, two locker baskets, 7 yardsticks and various other items.

i will most likely be going back...they plan to have this sale ongoing all summer long! 
did you hear me squeal with delight?   
i have my list ready. 
and as time allows some of these items will be in my etsy shop.   

i'll leave you with more pictures of my haul of treasures.
 black trunk locker was a $2 find at a garage sale on saturday
 see the lettered cottage for some furniture upcycling with yardsticks
(i plan to use these on my chicken crate)
 the two pieces of dishware are syracuse china
which i've started collecting because they are sturdy and last a long time.
my walmart made in china dish set is cracking and chipping.
time to replace it with something that lasts
 love the handlettered typography!
 folding rulers, worklight cages and lots of hardware!

perfect zinc lids

i'll be sure to let you see what else i discover in the barn.

what awesome deals or sales have
caused your heart to beat faster?

have a great week!


  1. Oh my...did you get some great goodies!! I can see why your heart was beating faster.

  2. My heart was beating fast just reading your description!! And then I saw your locker basket filled with hardware and hooks -- "MEDIC"!!! Hope you do go back again (but next time, maybe jeans, t-shirt, and sturdy shoes would be more appropriate).

  3. WOW! I think i'm having a heart attack!

  4. Could it get any better ! (except by going back again and again). You found what I am always looking for. Drool. Great stuff. I am putting your blog on my blog list and signing up as a follower. Found your blog from 52 Flea today. I'm happy.
    - Joy

  5. Hu Judi! I just discovered your blog after reading 52 Flea's recent post. What a great pile of treasures you discovered. My heart would beat faster too. I am your newest follower. Stop by and visit me sometime.

    Susan and Bentley

  6. Oh my, that was an amazing find. I so would have dealt with the mouse poo for that! Take care, Laura

  7. love it surely got the best stuff. Your photos are making me drool and I am a tad green with envy over your wonderful galvanized lockers. So fun for you! Way to go.

  8. Ah, I'm completely jealous! Glad you got some great stuff at a GREAT deal!

  9. WOW! Okay I'm officially INSANELY jealous. Those finds are incredible. The locker baskets are my absolute fave but OH just THINK of the lighting possibilities with some of your other finds. Be still my heart!


  10. OH MY GOSH. JEALOUS! I cannot imagine a dreamier sale to stumble upon!! And it kept going all summer long? I might have just set up a tent and stayed for weeks. Oh, the metal!!!!! The signs!!!! The locker crates!! I don't know where to start. I love it all. You are a lucky girl. Wonder where it all ended up?

  11. incredible finds!! i adore locker baskets :)


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